April 5, 2012

Trap-Jaw homage #2

I already showed you one Trap-Jaw homage last week and here's another one that comes courtesy of MVCreations, the studio that worked on the Masters of the Universe comic during 2002-2004.

The people at MVCreations were fans of the original toy-line and cartoon/comics so they included lot of easter-eggs and homages during the comic's run.

In a special Target-exclusive 2-pack of He-Man and Skeletor action-figures, there was a comic packaged in. The comic showed one panel where He-Man bends Trap-Jaw's mechanic arm.

This is an homage to
Filmation series where in season 1 episode "The Diamond Ray of Disappearance" He-Man grabs Trap-Jaw's Lasertron weapon-attachment and bends it.

So you see how Trap-Jaw paying homage exceeds in both cartoon & comic. ;)


  1. Ive yet to see this 2-pack comic and the one that came with the Gameboy MotU game...

  2. Full scans of both those comic are on the .Org:

  3. Great Blog. Although not my favorite version of the Masters of the Universe, MYP was definitely integral in keeping He-Man alive through the years. I'll be sure to follow all of your posts!

  4. I always love seeing nods to the Filmation toon in other forms of MOTU media, and this comic is one of them :-) Thank you for sharing!