April 7, 2012

The Mystic Wall in ruins...

In season 1 episode "The Beginning - part I" we learn how The Sorceress and Man-At-Arms had formed a Mystic Wall that kept Skeletor and his henchmen on the Dark Hemisphere. The Mystic Wall in itself was no new idea but it was great to see how the 2002-cartoon handled it.

During the episode Skeletor manages to destroy the Mystic Wall and we don't really see it afterwards.

Which is why I find this panoramic-view of both halves and ruins of the Mystic Wall in the middle terrific. It is a great image that shows the scope for the Mystic Wall that should have been featured more in the series.

With Masters of the Universe comic Volume 1, Issue 2 we see He-Man embark on a journey to the Dark Hemisphere and Man-At-Arms and Orko travel with him up until the ruins. Once again the ruins look really interesting and it is a shame it was not visited again in the comic either.

The whole idea of a giant magical wall separating a planet in two halves is a fascinating idea and I would have loved hearing more about it in the 2002-cartoon.


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  2. Unless that wall went so high that it reached the outer atmosphere of Eternia, I always wondered why they did not just try and "fly" over that wall. Or even dig under it. :-)