April 3, 2012

Familiar looking kid.

While the Filmation series for He-Man was known for their re-use of animation-cycles and model-sheets for multiple characters, the Mike Young Productions version of the cartoon did not shy away from re-using character-models.

In season 1 episode "The Island", Man-At-Arms is injured while visiting his mentor Dekker alongside Teela and Prince Adam. Man-At-Arms asks Teela to remember her lessons and we cut to a flashback of a Younger Teela sitting in a class-room that was being taught by Duncan.

Behind Teela, we see a black-haired boy who doesn't look all that excited to be in the class.

While looking at the episodes recently, I noticed that in the moral-segment for season 2 episode "Of Machines and Men", the same black-haired boy appears again.

In the scene the boy is saved by Ram Man and doesn't have any dialogue just like in the flashback with Teela. This re-use of a background-character is of course no big deal when comparing the reused material Filmation did, but personally I thought it was interesting to discover that this kid either had time-traveling abilities or simply hasn't aged at all.


  1. That is an interesting find. That kid has such a particular level of detail in his face that it makes me think his design may have been based off of a child of one of the people who worked on the cartoon.

  2. Or we could say that it's the 200X Mighty Spector... Seriously though, he may be an easter egg related to someone who worked on the toon...