April 1, 2012

How does the Transformation look to an outsider #1

In first season episode "Lessons", we get for the first time a glimpse of how the transformation-sequence from Prince Adam to He-Man looks like, as imagined by Mike Young Productions.

Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms have tracked down Evil-Lyn, Beast Man and Trap-Jaw to the Ruins of Zalesia and as Evil-Lyn emerges outside with the Ram Stone, Prince Adam is ready to transform and we don't hear the magic-words or theme-tune, only this wide-angle of how the transformation plays out.

Out of nowehere in the sky a green circular energy is building up and shoots down a blue streak of lightning..

Then as the lightning has struck down, the green vortex grows a bit more in size and disappears eventually.

Personally this was a fascinating way for the animators at Mike Young to showcase how the transformation might look like.

Though I wonder how this works when Prince Adam is indoors. If the magical lightning strikes through buildings...


  1. This is unique, and I always wondered how it looked from a distance or to others too. Like does it have lightning indoors and other places he is confined to? And is the image of Castle Grayskull just a "symbolic" image when he transforms, or would others see it too when he makes his transformation.

  2. That's the thing... Would others see this as well? Then it's a dead giveaway He-Man is approaching... I always thought when Adam transforms into he-man, what we see is not literal but rather what he feels... I prefer this over something that could potentially give away his secret...