April 19, 2012

DVD Menu Screens - Finnish

The He-Man series by Mike Young Productions got its DVD-debut in 2004 for the European market. Germany, Netherlands and Finland got varying amounts of episode-releases to DVD.

Finland got the entire first season released on DVD with 4:3 ratio and one thing I found interesting was the menu-screen for the DVDs.

This screencapture is from DVD Volume 1 that contained the first three episodes of season 1. There are no extras and only finnish-dub is available. But the background-image used in this menu-screen was very familiar-looking...

It actually is a cropped version of a Wallpaper-image from He-Man.org, done by Emiliano Santalucia. I don't know for sure if the webmaster over there or Emiliano were contacted about using the artwork. I certainly hope so.

On the DVD there is no credit given to He-Man.org website, but what I also found fascinating was that whoever decided to use this artwork on the DVD used it propably because the cross is the familiar symbol for He-Man.

However in the cartoon by Mike Young Productions, He-Man doesn't wear a cross-symbol on his harness so the reference is lost to any new fans. Instead the cross can be found on Prince Adam's belt-buckle.

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  1. I always like seeing what other countries do with their versions of things. That really is a lot of things just jumbled all together!