April 23, 2012

Missing Havoc Staff

In the season 1 episode "Trust" we have a chance to witness bad guy having to work with a good guy as Stratos and Trap-Jaw are trying to locate Eternium-mineral in the Ice Mountains. It is also the only episode we see He-Man wearing his Ice Armor.

At the end of the episode there is an animation error with Skeletor's Havoc Staff with amusing results.

The Staff is computer-generated in the scene and in US broadcast-version at Cartoon Network, the Staff is completely missing as Skeletor lifts it up and shoots at the Kulataks. Thus allowing us to see "through" Skeletor.

When the episode was released on DVD, the animation was corrected to include the cgi-animation of the Havoc Staff. This would be one good occasion when it came to cgi-weapons... -But that is another post for another day.

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  1. That is so cool! I will have to put in my VHS tape and see this!