April 21, 2012

Revealing titles...

I've mentioned in the past how title-translations fascinate me.

From what I've found out, Germany and Italy had episode-titles translated onscreen and I've been lucky to get some fantastic screengrabs of the German-titles from Alec77 and Polygonus.

This example comes from season 1 episode "Sky War".

"Sky War"-episode in itself was a great follow-up to "Courage of Adam" in depicting the tension between Buzz-Off and the Andreenids against Stratos and the Avionians. During the episode Skeletor manages to get a hold of Ambrosia that the Andreenids have in their catacombs and after eating a piece of it, gets a new armor (modelled after Battle Sound Skeletor figure).

The german title is "Ambrosia für Skeletor" which translates into "Ambrosia for Skeletor".

It is an interesting translation, one that sets up the idea that Skeletor will get a hold of Ambrosia sooner or later. Also it shifts the focus to the B-plot about Skeletor going after Ambrosia, while the main plot of the episode was the tensions between Stratos' and Buzz-Off's people.


  1. Oh, it's not a looe translation. It's 100% ;)

    - Asc

    1. Thank you Ascalon! I edited the original blog-post. :)

  2. Great analysis. Yeah, that happened in Italy too, Sometimes episode titles totally revealed the plot, which in the original they didn't do. And this is more so of Filmation than MYP possibly because English was much more of an "alien" thing to many Italians in the early 80s.

  3. The "title spoilers" are something I do not like. I prefer Sky War.