April 26, 2012

Comic Cover homage #1

Couple days ago I showed the He-Man.org exclusive variant comic cover for Volume 3 - Issue 1 of the Masters of the Universe comicbook.

If you thought that it seemed familiar in some way, you'd be correct.

The artist Nathan "Baena" Baertsch paid an homage to vintage comic-covers.
Mainly the booklet that came with said toy: "The Power of Point Dread!"/"Danger at Castle Grayskull!"

It is really great to see these elements in the updated cover. Skeletor looking menacing as ever high above He-Man, shooting a magical-blast from his Sword. He-Man ready with his shield and Powersword on the ground.
Personally I would have also liked seeing Castle Grayskull in the background on the updated cover-art, but the mountain-backdrop helps gear the eyes at the characters themselves.

There was also a mini-comic cover that is similar to the booklet ("The Power of... Point Dread!") but when comparing the covers, my bet goes to Nathan paying homage to the booklet-version. 
Below is the mini-comic version for good measure. :)

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