April 28, 2012

2002 Comic-related merchandising

When MVCreations got the gig to do the comicbook Masters of the Universe, licensed under Mattel, they also had rights to do related merchandising like posters, stand-ups and wall-scrolls.
Here's one image drawn by Emiliano Santalucia for a Wall-scroll with He-Man standing in front of Castle Grayskull. I love this artwork for He-Man's battle stance and the overall mood in the piece.

The background also seems to have on lower left-corner the stone-marker that is found in the MYP Background-art of Castle Grayskull. Or maybe it's just my personal belief it is the same thing.

From what I know, there is also a wall-scroll of Skeletor standing in front of Snake Mountain, but I don't know if the wall-scrolls were ever actually sold through MVCreations' website. Possibly some were sold on ebay later on.

If anyone has the image of Skeletor wall-scroll, I'd appreciate any help. 

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  1. I always wanted both the wall scrolls, but never got them. I have pictures of them from other peoples collection to hold me off until I find my own!