April 18, 2012

Stratos' miscolored face and beard

When the new He-Man series began in 2002 by Mike Young Productions, they aired a pilot-movie "The Beginning" that later was split into the first three episodes.
Around the third act of the movie, He-Man has saved the Defenders of Eternia and in a bit of an akward piece of writing, gives them a new title "Masters of the Universe". In the panning shot we see all the warriors and end up with Stratos on the far right.

But as the pilot movie aired as three separate episodes, I noticed something with episode 2.

At the end of "The Beginning - part II", we get a series of shots from the upcoming episode as we hear the narration "Next time, on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!".
There is the same shot of heroic warriors when He-Man turns to face them, but for some reason Stratos' face and beard are miscolored.

Don't really know why or how this happened, but again one interesting difference between the movie-version and episode-releases.

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  1. Another interesting find. My God that is one ugly "miscoloring"!