April 24, 2012

Fantastic render of Serpintaur

When MVCreations studio was handling the Masters of the Universe comicbook in 2002-2004, they featured some great variant covers and gave some talented fans a chance to help out with the comic.

One of those fans (also a professional freelance artist) was Nathan "Baena" Baertsch, who did coloring on couple comic-covers as well as illustrated some himself.
The one I'd like to feature today is from Volume 3 Issue 1 He-Man.Org exclusive variant cover. Featuring Skeletor on a Serpintaur against He-Man.

The details especially on Serpintaur are really awesome and I wish Nathan could have illustrated more "monster-art" for the comics. I would gladly buy a print of this whole image.

There is a great deal going on with the Serpintaur's face alone. The wicked smile accross its face, lot of details with the small horns and an expression that is purely malevolent. Also I just like to think that this creature was harnessed by Skeletor himself, without the aid of Beast Man, whom we saw controlling these creatures in Mike Young Productions' season 1 episode "Dragon's Brood".


  1. I always wanted to see more of the Serpintaurs in the MYP show.

  2. I love this cover! Its always been on of my favourite covers from the MVC series.