April 4, 2012

"Evil-Lyn's Shadow Warrior!"

Here's a page from issue 1 of the UK's Masters of the Universe comic by Toontastic. It reprinted the Volume 2 - Issue 1 story of the MVCreations' comic-story "Dark Reflections".

Though the cover for the comic featured cartoon-versions of He-Man, faded image of Skeletor and at top-corner Man-At-Arms. The comic was geared more kid-friendly as is evident by this page where Evil-Lyn has made shadow-versions of the characters and one does not match.

Somehow the idea of a "Evil-Lyn's Shadow Warrior" amuses me, because in the first season episode "Lessons" we see Evil-Lyn use her magic and become a shadow when she visited the Faceless One and even later at Castle Grayskull. I'd like to think the people working on this comic knew about it, or it just might be a happy coincidence.

Also I enjoy seeing these model-images of the characters. What I find interesting is the inconsistency of the artwork having cel-shade. He-Man and Mekaneck are basic flat-colors but Man-At-Arms, Teela and Ram Man are given cel-shaded shadows.


  1. I don't know about the rest of Europe but comics in the UK are aimed at a much younger audience the in the US, and the 'free gifts' they come with just make storage a pain. The next issue of the new Thundercats comic comes with a huge toy bow and arrows.

  2. I don't believe the MYP Cartoon influenced this "Shadow Game". Many of the magazines geared towards kids always had some kind of "Find the Shadow/Match the Shadow" game. I think it is just a coincidence, but you never know :-)