March 31, 2012

The first hint about Mekaneck's Lament...

The story-continuity in He-Man series by Mike Young Productions was very tight from the start of the show.

Much of that credit goes to Story-Editor Dean Stefan who oversaw majority of the scripts from freelance-writers, adding small scenes here and there to help along some of the major turning-points.

One such instance comes in season 1 episode "The Ties That Bind", when Teela has gained temporarily telepathic abilities and the villains have used this to their advantage in luring her to a trap.
Before Teela realizes this, she points out to Man-E-Faces, Ram Man and Mekaneck that even because she was injured earlier, she wasn't doubting the telepathic ability that lead them to the desert and she mentions what all three are thinking at the moment.

With Mekaneck it comes off a bit harsh-sounding from her.

Teela: "And you're worried that all the sand might clog up your neck-apparatis.
And Oh yeah, wishing you had have better powers."

The thing to note about it, is that it actually is a very subtle injection of continuity that plays out couple episodes later with "Mekaneck's Lament" where Mekaneck reveals that he doesn't think his scouting-abilities are all that helpful in battle against evil.

But while the scene between Teela and Mekaneck is a brief one, it was a great way to plant the seed for a future episode.


  1. I do love the "foreshadowing" that this episode did about Mekaneck. Knowing of all the scripts in advance helps a lot in writing episodes, and I wonder how much influence the fans had in the writing of these episodes. I say this because even before the new series was made, many MOTU fans always talked about how worthless they believed Mekaneck was. Very interesting :-)

  2. 200X had a continuity that was WAY tighter than Filmation! I have to admit that I laughed the first time I saw that scene... Cause I think that many MOTU fans thought the same thing about poor Mekaneck!