March 26, 2012

Symbol change...

When the toyline debuted in April 2002, fans could find a He-Man figure sculpted by the Four Horsemen, that had the classic Cross-symbol, based on the vintage figure.

Later in spring however, the figure was becoming more sparse to find when the shelves were updated slowly with a He-Man figure that had an
Stylized H-symbol, that fans have later dubbed as the "asterisk"-symbol (*).

Over at, fans asked about this change and Jeremy Padawer of Mattel's Entertainment Marketing answered:

When the debut of the new toy line was delayed, Mattel had the opportunity to go back and stew over every detail of the new line. When you think about it, Superman has his classic "S", Batman has his notable bat symbol, but what did He-Man have?
Now, when a new generation looks upon He-Man, they will see a symbol that they will recognize. And in the years to come, when people see the stylized "H" they will say "That's He-Man!"
Which boils down to Mattel most likely wanting new symbol they could trademark and use.

Early storyboard-artworks also show for the animated series that artists' were using the cross-symbol before Mattel finalized their plan to change the symbol.

In a future blog-post I will show another art-piece that had the symbol changed...

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  1. I can understand they wanted He-Man to have his own identity symbol with an "H" on his chest like Superman has with his "S", but I wish they would have chosen a better looking symbol. The "H" they chose looks too much like an asterisk symbol. I wish they would have went with the "H" from the vintage Battle Armor, Thunderpunch, Flying Fists He-Man, as that fits him better in my opinion.