March 27, 2012

Clawful's missed opportunity.

Ever since the first episode of He-Man cartoon by Mike Young Productions, Clawful is clearly potrayed as  not being the smartest henchman in Skeletor's troops.

A particular example comes in season 1 episode "The Island" where we have a scene with Clawful's cousin, who has learned that Man-At-Arms is traveling to an remote island to visit his mentor Dekker. Clawful's cousin then uses his claw to make a sound that travels the oceans on Eternia and can be heard at Snake Mountain in a pool of water.

Resulting in the following scene between Clawful and Evil-Lyn...

Clawful: "Hey, you hear that? Some kindaaa clicking sound?"

Evil-Lyn: "It's code. The language of
your people!"
Clawful: "Ooohh yeah... Never was too good at spelling stuff."

Which is the lowest point for Clawful's capabilities on the intellectual-department with the show.

Fans addressed this to the show's producer
Ian Richter who responded in a Q&A over at
We were planning a story later in season 2 where Clawful would gain intelligence via some brain tampering from Tri-Klops and almost overthrow Skeletor.
And it is a real shame that the second season was cut mid-way because this premise sounds like one hilarious episode for the crustacean villain.


  1. One thing I never liked was the stereotype of the "big" villains as nothing more than strong characters with zero intelligence. And they took it a little too far with Clawful, as he does not even understand his own native language. It would have been interesting to see what may have happened in season 2 though :-)

  2. I always loved Clawful's Filmation appearance where he was smart AND formidable. Although I liked his design, I didn't like his MYP personality at all.

  3. Ever since that Q&A with Ian I've always wished this episode had seen the light of day.