March 29, 2012

Trap-Jaw homage #1

Homages are always fun to an existing material in any situation, be it books or films.

With He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon by Mike Young Productions, the creators were aware of the classic animated series by Filmation and would every now and then throw some nods and homages to it.

In season 1 episode "The Beginning - Part II" the heroes are fighting the villains in the Evergreen Forest and one scene shows Teela fighting Trap-Jaw.

During their battle, Teela manages to cut part of Trap-Jaw's mechanic arm-attachment off, but despite of that, Trap-Jaw still can use a claw with which he grabs Teela's sword...

And bites the tip-part off from it.

Leaving Teela with a shocked expression.

This scene is a fun nod the fans of
Filmation series season 1 episode "The Diamond Ray of Disappearance" where Teela chased Trap-Jaw on their respective Sky Sleds away from the Royal Palace and shot him down.

While Trap-Jaw is busy trying to attach his Energy Bow,

Teela lands her Sky Sled and approaches Trap-Jaw.

Who immediately bites on her Sword.

Resulting with Teela looking at the sword in shock.

This wouldn't be the only homage MYP Trap-Jaw paid to the classic cartoon but that is another post for another day. ;)


  1. I love when they do things like this that pay homage to the Filmation cartoon. I always found it amusing the even though Trap-Jaw has a jaw that can bite through most anything, why does that give him the ability to eat them. Don't you think that metal would destroy his stomach? Just a funny sidenote :-)

  2. I like it too! It's a really fun nod to the old stuff!