May 18, 2012

Part I or One?

In the past I've already noted how the quotation-marks were altered mid-way through season 1 of Mike Young Productions' He-Man series.

Those updated quotation-marks ended up in the Europe-releases and eventually on DVD.

But another change in the episode-titles was the way the studio handled two or three parter episodes.

"The Beginning" had in its initial US broadcast-run for Cartoon Network the episode-title with written numerials - Part One, Part Two, Part Three. While in the European version it was changed to I, II and III to the roman numerical system.

Though by end of season 1, with the "Council of Evil" episodes the studio had made the change for Roman numerical system, so the first three episodes of 2002 He-Man cartoon are unique.

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  1. I always wonder what makes them decide to make these changes.