May 11, 2012

Variant Cover Fun #2

As I've mentioned in the past, variant covers can be lot of fun. Seeing new takes on familiar characters from different artists.

This time I thought I'd talk about the great exclusive online variant-cover for Issue 7 - Volume 3 of the Masters of the Universe comic by MVCreations.

The cover features King Randor and Queen Marlena in their "battle-outfits". We were first introduced to these armor-variants in season 1 episode "Of Machines and Men".

The cover-art is done by Eamon O'Donoghue with colouring by Jeremy Roberts. As a great homage, Eamon drew Randor with the sword he received from Lord Dactys in season 1 episode "Underworld".

Marlena also is holding the sword from 1987 live-action movie "Masters of the Universe" where He-Man (potrayed by Dolph Lundgren) had this particular sword.


  1. I really enjoyed their battle outfits in the MYP cartoon.

  2. I love Randor's and Marlena's Battle Armour and hope we get them as variants in MOTUC, would be great to put the movie sword in with Marlena as well just like on Eamon's comic cover.