May 9, 2012

Rarely seen Ice-Armor He-Man

I loved seeing He-Man gear up in the Ice-Armor during season 1 episode "Trust". Sure they didn't really explain how and where he got it, but the entire outfit was fantastic and suited this adventure in the snowy landscape.

The Ice-Armor figure was also a personal favourite and it's a shame the variant-armor didn't come up again in the cartoon. Or in the comic. It would have been interesting to see Emiliano Santalucia's version of He-Man with this particular armor.

Because "Ice-Armor He-Man" only had one cartoon-appearance, I didn't expect there to be any art made about him.
Luckily I was proven wrong when I discovered that in a German "Mega Hiro" magazine's splash-page advertizing toys; we see a rare illustration of Ice-Armor He-Man battle-ready with his weapon in hand.
Below is also the page-spread for the toy-ads where you can see Ice-Armor He-Man battling Skeletor.


  1. That looks so cool! Thank you for sharing this. That is a really nice picture of Ice Armor He-Man.

  2. That is a nice illustration, thanks for sharing it dude.

  3. Cool Find! I too would like to see Emiliano's take.

  4. The Ice-Armor didn't get and explanation how and where he got it, but with the Sanke Armor the Sorceress simply said something like "the Power of Grayskull will adapt to any threat", so I assumed the same thing happened here. The PoG knew He-Man was going into a cold environment and gave him appropriate armor during the transformation.