May 1, 2012

Variant Cover Fun #1

Variant covers are always fun. Personally I like that it gives new artists to interpret familiar characters in a new way and may add the chances of new readers to buy an issue based on an variant-cover from an known artist.

With Masters of the Universe comic book by MVCreations there were a great deal of variant-covers with issues.
The example today comes from Issue 3 - Volume 3 (Dealer incentive) of the comic's run. Illustrated by Sam Liu and colours by Jeremy Roberts.

I find it interesting how Man-At-Arms doesn't seem to have any pupils. Making him look almost evil. And the way details are handled are interesting. He-Man for instance has very plain wrist-bands with no detailing in them, but on the other hand Teela has an interesting wrist-guard that covers her hand a big and includes a red jewel.

Personally I like the use of Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, Teela and He-Man on the cover. They were basically the main characters in Filmation cartoon (but not to same extent in Mike Young Productions-version), so I wonder what guidelines the artist had when making this piece...

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  1. Very nice cover. It does appear that Duncan has been taken over by an evil spirit!