May 7, 2012

Prince Adam's Scepter

Whenever there is a cartoon made to tie in with a toyline, it's interesting to see how the animation handles toy-related accessories. Weapons, playsets, etc.

Prince Adam had two accessories. A Powersword that was smaller than the regular Powersword He-Man had (closed version to fool people) and his scepter.

prototype preview of Prince Adam by the Four Horsemen
We saw his sword many times in the cartoon because of its great importance.
But what about the Scepter?

Final toy-version of Prince Adam's scepter

Adam's scepter appeared briefly in season 1 episode "The Beginning - part II" when Man-At-Arms grabs it from the ground and throws it to Adam as they fly on their skysleds to join in the battle at Evergreen Forest.

At the Evergreen Forest Adam immediatly faces off against Whiplash, using his scepter to trip him down.

Unfortunately that would be the last time we saw Prince Adam's scepter in the cartoon. As the toy-version had a missile-firing function; it would have been interesting to see used onscreen.


  1. I never cared for his Scepter weapon for his toy. It never looked that interesting for his action figure and even worse for that one episode. I just never understood the purpose of the weapon.

  2. It's interesting to note the 4HM also used the scepter's head piece on King Randor's staff.