May 14, 2012

What did the H stand for?

With the updated logo on He-Man's harness, it was also used for his ancestor in the 2002-cartoon continuity; King Grayskull.

In a flashback of Preternia we see Guards outside the Castle. They also wear the "H" on their belts. But what did the H stand for?

And yes, I reckon the symbol might not stand for any letter but have an entire meaning onto its own. But I'm still curious what meaning did it have.


  1. I really like the design of these guards, they would make a great addition to my MOTUC POG shelf.

    What if its not an H but a silhouette of Castle Grayskull itself, the open jaw-bride at the bottom and the two towers/turrets at the top?

  2. That is funny they have the new stylized "H" on their belt. I still think it is just a horrible new "symbol" design, but like you said we know the whole story about his new symbol so it is just another headache to think about.