July 19, 2012

Skeletor turning into stone...

In season 2 episode "Rise of the Snake Men - pt I" we see King Hsss and other Snake Men take over Snake Mountain.

Snake-Face turns all Evil Warriors into stone-statues but when they confront Skeletor, he defiantly shouts "My eyes are closed" and Evil-Lyn further comments that "he has no eyes" so Hsss then uses the ground itself to capture Skeletor.

Comic-version of "Rise of the Snake Men" by MVCreations treat the scene differently with Skeletor turning into stone-statue by Snake-Face.

This is actually based on the script for the cartoon-episode where Skeletor acts defiant against King Hsss until Evil-Lyn mentions that Skeletor "has no eyelids" so they raise him up and Snake-Face turns him into stone.

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