Dean Stefan continues with answers to your questions!


Posted by battlecatboy on December 24, 2002 09:06pm:
Are the characters in the cartoon animated after the toys? Or from the initial design of the figures?

Don't really know the answer, battlecatboy. That would probably be more a question for MYP, or Jeremy P.

Posted by gorby on December 24, 2002 09:16pm:
Who does your character design for the cartoon? The characters lack some detail and some are just wrong (ie. Trap Jaw being depicted with a regular mouth under the metal bottom jaw). Are you simplifying them for animation purposes?

Again these questions could better be answered by Gary Hartle (our terrific director) or other folks at MYP. I can only tell you, based on other shows I've worked on, that some designs (mouth shapes etc.) are easier to animate than others. Perhaps that figures into why certain decisions were made.

Posted by He-man75 on December 24, 2002 09:38pm:
Dear Mr. Stefan are You Allowed to Answer if She-Ra, Hordak, or Fisto,or Faker Will Appear? i love those Characters and i would Hope they Would Eventually Appear!

If I were a betting man, I think I would wager that at least one of the characters you mentioned will appear.

and i know someone else asked this but it would be awesome if you did a He-man -She-ra Christmas Special!

No Earth, ergo, no Christmas. However there is "A Ram Man Hanukah Special" in the works. 

Is there Any Possibility to make Cringer/ BattleCat Talk again?

Well, in our version he never did talk, so it wouldn't be "again." Okay, okay, I know what you mean. But try and think of the show as a re-imagining of the He-Man mythos -- starting from scratch -- albeit with many familiar elements thrown in. If you look at it that way, perhaps you won't miss what never was.

Posted by Premiere Heroes on December 24, 2002 09:40pm:
Is Captain Miro still alive? Will we be seeing Captain Miro in any capacity other than what we've seen so far?

Just gonna have to stick around to find out, Premiere.

If someone has a story idea or a script they would like to submit, how would they go about doing that? Are there any guidelines?

Well, unfortunately, for legal reasons, things don't work like that. Neither I, nor MYP could read unsolicited submissions.

But legalities aside, we're dealing with overall arcs and certain bits of information about characters and history that have to occur along a certain chronology. For someone to come in and pitch a story, about say, a time warping device, or Adam getting amnesia, or Orko getting married, or whatever ...even if it was a great story, it probably wouldn't fit in with where we want the arc or the series to be moving to.

Now perhaps in the comic book side of things, there is more opportunity for that (pitching ideas) but I strongly suspect it's much like in the TV side. (I know you guys have an ongoing dialog with JVS3, and he may have addressed that.)

I know you're a fan and are talking about He-Man specifically, but let me speak in more generalities, 'cause maybe you, or other fans out there may want to get into TV or cartoon writing as a career. What I mentioned above, regarding shows not taking unsolicited ideas, is just one of the realities of this business. It's no different for me. I might have a killer idea for an episode of say E.R., or CSI Miami. I couldn't submit that to the show...they wouldn't look at it, couldn't for legal reasons. Plus they already have producers, story editors, etc. who are developing stories far into the future.

The best shot for breaking into TV writing is to write sample scripts -- get the sample to an agent, who will hopefully wanna represent you. Or if you're able to submit a sample to a show directly -- and I know this doesn't make sense -- write it for a show other than that one. Again this is mostly for legal reasons -- they might have something in work that is similar to yours and fear that you might later claim they took the idea from you. But the other reason is that people connected to a show are so well-versed in it, are so attuned to every little nuance and character tic, that they may think the tone is off, even if its only off by a hair. In any event, writing sample scripts for various shows, is not only the best way to learn, but it shows that you can write in various idioms, can get the "voice of a show" -- the tone of the piece, plus the individual voices of characters. An agent is also a good thing to have, though not absolutely necessary. (Wow, this is probably incredibly boring to most people. Sorry for going off on a tangent.)

Posted by Raven on December 24, 2002 09:40pm:
What if any other classic secondary characters.... will be appearing in the rest of season one? We know roboto is on the way. Any hints on who else?

Well, while I know that fans who've read the synopses will speculate on who might be appearing, I ain't gonna spoil the fun by giving anything away. But I promise you: There will be some very cool surprises.

Posted by The Champion of Light on December 24, 2002 10:08pm:
How did it all come about for you to not only write but be the story editor for the new He-Man series?

I have, in my dresser drawer, some very incriminating photos of Mike Young. Okay, J/K.

Actually I was hired to write the pilot. I had no idea it would be a series at that point. I guess they liked what I did, and so when they needed a story editor, they went after the best person they could find. When she wasn't available, they settled for me. 

Were you a fan of He-Man and She-Ra prior to your work on the new series?

I knew He-Man, loved the character, but wasn't an expert in things He-Man-ish. Even less so for things She-Ra-ish.

Will there be any adventures outside of Eternia(i.e.- a trip to Trolla or perhaps Eternia's moons?)

There are all sorts of "worlds" in Eternia we will be exploring. Space travel though, is something we want to avoid. It tends to evoke more of a sci-fi feel, while we're going for more of a mythic-fantasy tone.

I think you've done an awesome job with "The Beginning" and "The Courage of Adam,"...

Thank you. Now that's the kind of question I like to...oh, there's more...

...however, I felt that their were certain aspects of "The Ties That Bind" that were a little weak and that hurt the episode in a way(i.e.- the whole Evil-Lyn and Skeletor subplot). I do realize that it was important for the arc and for Skeletor to finally realize that the Elder's power is stored inside Grayskull but couldn't that have all waited until the next episode?

Well, Champion of Light, the reality is that this is an action cartoon. We're on Toonami, an action block, at least here in the states. We were able to do a lot of heartfelt stuff in "Ties That Bind", and will continue to have those elements in other episodes -- but we still need and want to to have action. And plenty of it! In addition, Skeletor's realization about Grayskull also helped moved the arc along. The things we probably try to accomplish in every episode are: cool action, character moments (and emotional arcs) and servicing the overall arc. (although the overall arc may, upon occasion, take a backseat, to a more stand-alone episode.)

I wish their would've been more screen time for Teela and the Sorceress... like the touching scenes in the desert and at Grayskull so as far as future episodes are concerned will this timeless relationship be further explored?

I don't think we've seen the last of these elements. It's certainly a rich area to explore and one of my favorite parts of the He-Man mythos. You'll be surprised at some of the other connections -- both family and otherwise -- that pop up between our characters in coming episodes.

Posted by TheDeviot on December 24, 2002 10:52pm:
I'd just like to say I really enjoy the new show and the storylines. I especially love how you and your team have made it a lot more serious for the old school fans and new generation of fans. It keeps you hooked. But I also love how the show retains everything I loved about the original.

That is very nice to hear, TheDeviot. If there's anything I, and the entire production hoped that we'd accomplish, it's just what you said: please the old school fans and keep the spirit of what you/they loved about the original, all the while building a whole new generation of fans.

Lessons about life embedded underneath the action, the Comic relief of Orko, the Costumes and personalities of the original characters. It's the perfect Merriment of old and new. Personally I would think that's a difficult challenge updating something without taking away from what made it cool to begin with. You guys have done that so well.

Thanks. Really. That means a lot.

Anyway, I'd just want to know if I get to see more revisions of classic heroes and villains.

Well, as I mentioned, we can draw freely from the old mythology and old characters. With such a wealth of material, there's a better-than-fair chance you'll be seeing lots more ghosts of He-Man past!

Oh and I'd also want to know if you or the rest of the team have talked to Mattel about getting Figures of newly introduced characters like Carnivus or figures of characters previously Filmation era Toon only IE Count Marzo, Evilseed etc.

Jeremy P could best answer that one, methinks.

Posted by Tytus on December 24, 2002 11:27pm:
The question I´m going to ask may sound like it is a question asked from a little naive kid, but believe me I´m not a little kid and I just have to take the opportunity to ask it.

Okay, shoot.

Here it goes: Over the years many He-Fan´s and She-Raver´s have created their own character´s of which they think that they would fit perfectly with the MotUniverse. I´ve seen lots of them (and I´ve created some of my own) and there´s none I dislike. However a couple of them were really so well done so good designed (for a He-Fan) that they could really have made some cool additions to the MotUniverse. So my question would be if there is any way that some of those creations could make their way to the producer´s of the new cartoon.

Sadly, this probably can't happen. For the same reasons I mentioned regarding story ideas. Legalities and such. But also the fact that you've got professionals working their butts off doing these character designs -- that's their job, MYP is paying them for this. And they are very very good at it.

Believe me, it's not because of any disregard for the fans. There's no doubt that there are some really talented people out there. After all, every one of us -- artists and writers alike -- started out as fans. If you love doing it, work hard at your craft. If it's good, doors will open.

Posted by microfiche on December 25, 2002 12:11am:
Mr Stefan, Than you for helping to create the epic story arc for the new series. I would just like you to be aware of my picks for a new live-action movie. I see a new live-action as a possible finale to the new show's arc. With Mutton Pie's pick of director, Tsui Hark, the scope and feeling of the show could be translated very well. Here are my picks from the following thread...

Um, I'm gonna have to stop you there. I love Tsui Hark's direction...and lots of the picks for actors are really good. But this is so far afield from anything I would be consulted in, that my opinions probably wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. Traditionally, when a live action movie is done of an animated property, all the decisions are made by the studio who puts up the dinero. They hire the director they want -- chances are he or she has lotsa input into the casting. And then they hire some big name "live action" writer. Grrr...

Posted by DragonHawk on December 25, 2002 12:23am:
will we see a devolping relationship with the Sorceress and Teela

Well, now that we know what their true relationship is (I mean, in the sense of how they're related) chances are these seeds will take root.

Posted by krosfyah on December 25, 2002 12:32am:
Yet another thank you for not only bringing things back but also for taking the time out to communicate with us fans! It's GREAT!

This is really fun for me too, Krosfyah. I've worked in animation for over 10 years and this is the first opportunity I've had to speak to a fan base. (Of course several of the shows I worked on didn't have much of a fan base, but we won't get into that...)

Will we be seeing more of the Faceless one?

Will the Faceless One show his face again? That is an excellent question. You're just gonna have to stay tuned to find out, Krosfyah!

I love the episodes that explore the mythology of the MOTU universe from the old show (The Dragon's Gift for example) And the new (Lessons) I would like to ask if there is an importance over at MYP to keep exploring the depth of this world Eternia...(I really think those become the biggest fan favs)

Absolutely! There's probably nothing that excites the writers and animators more than creating and flushing out the world and history of Eternia -- a world that has its own mythology, unique populations -- magic, technology, fanciful creatures...

Would you submit any of season one for emmy consideration...If so may i nominate Lessons?

Yes. I'll ask Larry to get his tux ready.

Are you at liberty to say whether or not movies (direct to vid/dvd or theatrical) are in the works?

I'm afraid I don't know, sorry.

Since you have such a great hit on your hands will the budget for season 2 be increased??

Hmm, not really my department. I have no knowledge of such things. Whether it's the budget or not, I do think the production team has gone all out on this show. I'll give you an example. When I first saw the design for the Hall of Wisdom - this gorgeous painting, I thought, whoa -- that's something I'd want to see a lot in the show. Then it hit me -- all this work designing it and we're gonna destroy it in the first 5 minutes of the "Beginning!" I thought: well this is something I've never seen before in animation. I took it as a very encouraging sign that we were going to be doing this show right!

If so I hope you stay with Dong Woo...I prefer their work to Dong Yang. ARE Dong Yang and Dong Woo Affiliated?

Donged if I know.

Posted by Orko064 on December 25, 2002 01:20am:
Will Mekaneck's son be appearing any?

Ah, you mean "Little Neck?" We are working on an episode where he gets a 3 foot hickey. OK, I'm just being silly. Just gonna have to wait and see.

Where the heck was Adora on Adam's birthday?

On old Filmation videotapes. 

Posted by Fisto on December 25, 2002 01:38am:
Many, of us fans love the new series, but has it lived up to your expectations? if not what would you change.

I think the series has lived up to my expectations in most ways, surpassed them in others. There's at least one thing in every episode that makes my jaw drop. I think the artists and animators are doing a magnificent job. And the writers too, have likewise been outstanding.

Are there any characters you defenitely do not want to introduce, from the 80s toy line and cartoon?

I think there may be characters that initially we wouldn't want to reintroduce. But if we're a couple more seasons down the line, opinions may change. Part of that is simply that we've already got a wealth of characters, and giving respectable screen time to so many of them can be a challenge. Don't wanna clutter the playing field too much.

Posted by Tracy on December 25, 2002 01:57am:
Firstly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing back one of the greatest cartoons of all time! I grew up on He-Man and I was so happy the day I discovered it was back!

Glad you like the show, Tracy!

Posted by Drunken Fist on December 25, 2002 02:02am: quote:
It's been stated by Mattel that they will be producing figures of approximately half as many villains as heroes. Will the character roster on the show reflect this, with far more hero characters than villains?

That doesn't sound like a fair fight. And we don't wanna make it too easy for our stalwart heroes, do we?

Posted by Buzz Off on December 25, 2002 02:03am:
I know someone already asked if there are any plans for more histories and origin stories for more secondary characters. I'd like to know if you have any plans to explore Trapjaw's origin a bit further. I would love to see what kind of story you would tell detailing the reason he has so many cybernetics.

We'll be seeing more backstory for different characters. Lots of fun stuff to come, Buzz Off. (and go easy on that ambrosia, okay?)

JVS Note - Many of you can catch the origins of your favorite villains in the Icons of Evil comic series this summer.

Posted by Star Matt on December 25, 2002 02:18am


Posted by krosfyah on December 25, 2002 02:34am:
A Trap-Jaw question...
Will we see any emotional side effects of his change...I mean Is he peeved that he is a freak? Did he adjust well?

Trapjaw, well-adjusted? Check out the upcoming episode "Trust," then you tell me!

Are we going to get a look at the minds of villains like we did with mekaneck?

I think the more flushed out we can make all our characters -- heros and villains alike -- the more interesting it makes the show.

Posted by jaster_99 on December 25, 2002 03:38am:
I was wondering if you could describe the contract that exists with YTV. A couple of weeks ago, "Night of the Shadow Beasts" was introduced as the season finale. When will YTV air the rest of season one?

I don't really know anything about the networks and their schedules, contracts, etc. Sorry, jaster.

Also, what other projects is MYP working on?

Not sure what they're up to. All I know is, there are big burly guys wearing earpieces and black suits guarding the doors to all the secret rooms over there. I do know they have done the series "Clifford, the Big Red Dog."

Personally, I think BattleCat could take him.

Posted by danielsan52 on December 25, 2002 03:55am:
Greetings, I was wondering if we will ever see Teela appear in the cartoon in her Cobra Armor, and if not how about The Goddess?

Not sure I know the Goddess reference. Teela and Cobra Armor? Could be.

Any chance Shokoti will show up?

Anything is possible.

We've seen Ram Man without his helmet, can the same be done with Evil-Lyn, The Sorceress and others?

Yes, we'll be doing an episode on a head-lice outbreak, wherein all the characters will be forced to shed their haberdashery. 

Posted by Toddimus Prime on December 25, 2002 04:58am:
Great job with the series, is there any chance that you might write an episode about someone else who had the power of He-Man? I always thought He-man was a hero who appeared every generation when evil would threaten the universe.

I can't comment on upcoming storylines, but you're touching on some elements that touch on some elements that we'll be touching on.

Any chance that you'll remake the classic episode "The Wizard of Stone Mountain"?

As I mentioned in some previous answers, Toddimus, I don't think we're out to remake anything. But there's always a good chance we'll be referencing various classic characters, locations, themes, etc. 

Posted by Goldenbane on December 25, 2002 05:11am:
Will we get to see Faker? I have always loved that character and desire to see him reappear in all his blue skinned/orange haired beauty!

In a word: ya never know.

He-man's strong is he? How invulnerable is he? Does He-man have any super speed type powers like he did in the older series? How does he compare to the classic super strong heroes...Superman, Hulk, Thor, ect?

I think we still think of He-Man as "the strongest man in the universe." But then again, it's the MOTU universe we're speaking of. So Superman isn't really in the mix, and I'm not sure how they'd match up. (Not that I'd wanna find out. I have a feeling the Kid from Krypton might be able to knock the Adam outta He-Man. ) I think in raw strength, in a fair fight, He-Man could probably defeat anyone in Eternia. But then again, bad guys don't fight fair. And besides, others might possess magic, and magic enhanced-strength could tip the balance. I think we've shown that while He-Man's not invulnerable, the guy can take a punch pretty darn well.

What other powers does He-man have?

Well, he doesn't seem to get too chilly wearing that skimpy outfit.

Posted by Rioblast on December 25, 2002 08:45am:
My first question is will Skeletor's double bladed sword ever return?

I think we saw it make its return in "Underworld."

Will you be including characters that where released as toys in the 80's but never made an appearance in the original cartoon like Scare-Glo, Clamp Champ, Rio-blast, etc.

Nothing has been ruled out.

Posted by mechakoneko on December 25, 2002 04:23pm:
I love Teela and Evil-lyn, it's great to see strong female characters especially in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, where female characters are sadly few and far between). Will we be seeing more female characters in the future?...

Absolutely. As I said earlier, I'm rather partial to the female characters anyhow.

and can we have some more Tri-klops, please?

You got it. I think you'll enjoy the Roboto Gambit.

Posted by Voice_Guy on December 25, 2002 04:30pm: Hi Dean,
Why won't you let Cringer to talk? In the original series, Cringer added depth to the series as Adam's best friend. Now it seems you are not even using Cringer or Battlecat as we have not seen them in recent episodes.

Well, you'll be seeing plenty more of both Cringer and BattleCat. With so many characters, there will be times when some seem to get lost in the shuffle, but that's only so we can showcase others.

Any chance we can see Count Marzo make a return, he was such an interesting character.

You'll just have to watch and see! Fans seem to really like Marzo, which is great.

As a collector or animation art, storyboards, scripts and as a inspiring writer; are there any ways for someone such as myself to purchase scripts or storyboards from this show?

I believe that those are the property of MYP.

I can not speak for everyone else, but I myself am tired of seeing Adam turn into He-Man in every single episode, let alone having the "good guys" win in everysingle episode, or seeing Skeletor escaping via Beastman and his Gryphons. My question is, in future productions can we see a few changes made, perhaps have Skeletor win once, and not escape, or have an episode where Adam doesn't become He-Man.

There may be an occasional exception -- but I think if there's one thing you'll see every episode, it's Adam transforming into He-Man. It's a hallmark of the show and the franchise. It's epic, it's cool -- the "regular" kid raising the sword and transforming into a mythic hero! Kids wait for that moment. It's magical and empowering.

I gotta admit -- when I saw the first screening of "The Beginning" and Adam transformed into He-Man, I got chills. The music, the FX, the animation... I still get goosebumps every time I see an episode and he transforms.

Posted by Der Herr des Bösen on December 25, 2002 04:37pm:
Will we see HORDAK in the next few Episodes?

I think the next few episodes are reruns. So in that case, definitely not.

What about Jitsu ? Any Chance ?

Who's Chance? I'm not familiar with the character.

I love the old FILMATION Characters - I think you 2! How about Celice, Daimar and Fang-Man ....?!?

They're the three singers in TLC, right?

The "serious" answer to all these question is, of course, I can't say. I'm joking with you because there's just so many ways I can say "I can't say."

Posted by Mercury on December 25, 2002 04:47pm:
ZODAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will we see Zodac?

My Magic 8 Ball says: Must...not...reveal...secrets...

Is he an Ancient One?

I think he prefers the term Senior Citizen.

Is there a connection between Hordak and Zodak? (This was suggested somewhere before the 2k2 series)

Their names both end in "dak." Food for thought.

Posted by TWOBAD LEECH on December 25, 2002 04:55pm:
iwanted to know when hordak arrives will we see him and skeletor working together to bring down he-man or will they hate one another and work against each other?

You're asking me to expound upon a series of events that are built upon a supposition that we don't even know is true. I am a man of science and therefore cannot go down this road with you.

also will we see back stories to some characters? like trapjaw, clawful, or others.

We will be doing lots to provide texture to many of our characters. Whether it's backstory, seeing where they come from, or gaining insight into what makes them tick -- all of these elements will be popping up in stories.

Posted by pennypunk on December 25, 2002 05:07pm:
Do you have the rights to use characters from the live action film in the cartoon (i.e. Gwildor, Blade, Saurod) or are the rights held by film's producers?

I do not know the answer to that, pennypunk. Sorry.

Posted by the_ultimate_evil on December 25, 2002 05:14pm:
hi from one dean to another is there any certain character from either MOTU or POP, that you personally would like to see be worked in to the new show either full time or as a guest star

A fellow Dean! Cool. There's not many of us left.

There is a deep well of characters from the MOTU universe that we have to draw from. I think we'd be foolish not to sip from that glorious nectar from time to time.

and when are we getting the show in the uk, come on stop toying with us

I would never toy with a fellow Dean. Unfortunately, this is outside of my realm of knowledge or control.

Posted by Mercury on December 25, 2002 05:37pm:
RE: Marlena. Will we see her origin chapter next season? or we'll have to wait more? She could be a powerful influence in political decisions based on what she can tell from Earth. Also give some technological hints to how to do things the earthly way.

We have big plans for Marlena, but again, they don't involve this strange planet Earth you refer to.

Posted by Stefan Chab on December 26, 2002 12:26am:
Mr. Stefan! (My great namesake!) I would like to ask you, if you have special conections between the old and the new Cartoon-Series?

First a Dean, now a Stefan? Cool. My middle name is Parker -- any Parkers out there?

Let's see -- special connections? Not sure what you mean.
Obviously, the shows have much in common. 

How must a cartoon-concept be, to be sucessfull in this times, when there are so many things, which fixed the concept of the old cartoon series?

Well, the old series was what it was. I think it was very well done and of course it was a huge success. It appeared in an era that was before cable and two zillion channels. There was probably less competition in the genre. To make an impact these days, you've gotta have something really good.

Posted by He-Ant on December 26, 2002 01:14am:
Hiya doing, Mr. Stefan. Can you tell me and the rest of my fellow He-Fans a little of what's to come down the line?

Lots of very cool developments. Lots of very cool characters. The Second Season will feature lots more musical numbers. (j/k)

Posted by Mikey on December 26, 2002 01:48am:
Dear Mr Stefan, Thanks to MYP for bringing MOTU back to us, and I love it dearly as many of us do. I would also dearly love if a new POP were being considered?

Thanks for the kind words, Mikey. As to your question, the production team works in mysterious ways. We must wait and see.

Also, are there any plans to introduce Lieutenant Andra (from the classic MOTU comic The Hate Stones), or The Council Of Seasons (Lady Spring, Miss Summer, Count Fall, and Mr Winter) from the classic MOTU episode Time Doesn't Fly in the new series?

You're talking over my head here, Mikey.

Are there any plans for introducing the New Adventures characters, like Hydron?

Gosh, I'm totally unfamiliar with New Adventures.

Posted by ShredderThe on December 26, 2002 03:21am:
Any chance Queen Marlena and her history will be explored?

Uh-oh, I sense a Marlena-from-earth-question about to come.

And if she is from Earth, will we see some More Earth stories done?

I knew it. I'm psychic.

He-Man travelling to Earth on a decent ANIMATED Budget could be done right.. 

Not to mention the frequent flyer miles he'd rack up.

Also, too many replies here to read through all of 'em, but any chance we'll see a more serious Christmas special?

Christmas=Earth. No Earth = no Christmas episodes. Sorry. (I'm starting to feel like Scrooge!)

Maby Skeletor decides to invade Earth on Christmas, and He-Man has to stop him and save the Holiday at the same time.

That sounds like a story you should write for a fan fiction!

Posted by Louis649 on December 26, 2002 04:28am:
Any chance for Fisto and Jitsu appearing in the second season?

Can't say. Won't say. 

Any plans for a Triklops origin episode?

Can't say. Won't say.

JVS3 Note - I can say. Tri-Klops Origin = Icons of Evil

Will be revealed some more information about Evil Lynn's past?

Can say. Will say. Yes.

Will Whiplash and Clawful get less dumb and more aggresive?

Well, they will act in ways that are appropriate to who they are and the situation they find themselves in.

Posted by LORD FALLEN ELDOR on December 26, 2002 07:29am:
Sorry if I'm repeating any thing, I haven't had the time to read everything. Do you feal it fair to compare the old he-man to this new one?

Of course it's fair. And I'd expect anyone familiar with the old show to make those comparisons. how could you not?

What the most difficult thing about making MOTU?

I can only speak for the writing aspect. And writing is always difficult...and then again not difficult. Sometimes you're just "in the zone" and the words and ideas flow effortlessly. Then other times, you're not in the zone and it's a struggle ...and the words get know...stopped now.

The comic book will be reflecting the cartoon, but how much does the comic impact the cartoon?

I would like to think that the book and the show will compliment each other -- there are opportunities to tell different types of stories in a comic than in a 'toon.

Why don't we see cringer interacting more with the prince?

Well, they do nap together.

Did the four horseman design count marzo, marlena, randor and the royal guard?

I don't really know the answer. Forgive me, Lord Fallen.

Why the change from the ancient looking castle as seen in the old Filmation toon? We really has the feeling of a structure existing for thousands of years.

Well, everything was re-designed as per decisions made by the production team. There is a method to the madness.

What relations do the ancients have with the council of elders? Who's decision was it to remove the council from there ancient setting and incorporate the idea into modern eternia?

All will be revealed in time.

As known from the mini comic keldor is irrefutable king ranodr's brother ... it has been speculated (and later confirmed) that he is skeletor, so what's the deal?

Gonna have to wait and see.

Why even mention kelodr is he isn't related to randor?


If grayskull was not originally the hall of wisdom like it used to be then what is its origin? Also where did the hall of wisdom disappear to?

The Hall of Wisdom? Check out "The Beginning." I think you'll see that there is only rubble in its place. It was destroyed.

did the counsel of eldor's travel back to ancient eternia? If you cannot answer I understand but I must know if the subject is planed to be elaborated upon at a later point. Will we see other racial ethnicity (black, Asian, Spanish) in the human populace on eternia? Are there more alien looking humans? is there a race of blue skinned people like sy-klone, trap jaw, and keldor?

There are a vast array of characters of all types on Eternia. We have but scratched the surface of how they are interconnected.

Posted by Lookie on December 26, 2002 05:25pm:
Good to know that few here read the rules on what kinds of questions Dean will be answering...

LOL. You're right Lookie. I should've read the rules myself -- could've eliminated a coupla hundred questions.

It's okay, I don't mind. I just feel bad, 'cause I feel like I'm giving a lot of non-responsive answers. But I want everyone to understand, I can't really answer many of the questions. (Either 'cause I don't know, or can't tell, or won't tell.)

On another note, did anyone notice this about the other interview he did:
MS: Doesn't he [Skeletor] just want the other half of the sword? DS: Yup, he gets very focused.
Was Dean even listening?

Ah, well. That was the interview with FanBoy planet. I've gotta admit, that was done over a fuzzy phone connection. A number of things I was quoted as saying got a bit skewed in the "translation." I don't recall that particular exchange, but I said nothing of the kind, or if I did, it was misconstrued.

Posted by Scorpia on December 26, 2002 08:34pm:
What a fantastic oppurtunity - thanks for it!

Hey, I should be thanking you guys, Scorpia -- for all your support of the show. I'm delighted to be doing this.

What is the script from the new MOTU that has taken the most effort to edit?

Hmmm, that's a tough one. Some require more drafts -- but maybe the subsequent drafts are not that dramatically different. Then again, some might require fewer drafts, but lots more extensive rewriting of those fewer drafts. On some stories, the "heavy lifting" is done at the outline stage, or even during the basic premise. It's always preferable to spot problems earlier, because once you're at the script stage, rewrites tend to be way more time-consuming.

I'm sorry I can't be all that specific about particular episodes. I simply don't recall. Once a script is done, I tend to forget all the blood sweat and tears that went into it, and it kind of becomes a warm fuzzy memory.

Have you ever read a script - that eventually was produced - that you thought shouldn't have been?

On He-Man, or in general? If you're talking about in general -- gosh, just go to the movies or turn on your TV. You'll see tons of stuff that should never have been produced. As far as He-Man, be honest, no. Not everything is gonna turn out a masterpiece (though believe me, we'd like it to) but hopefully, the production team won't allow anything but our best effort to get produced. 

Do you stop by these and other on-line forums to see how a particular episode is received or even to learn what the fans truly want to see?

I do try and check out the forums to see what the fans think of an episode and why. But by the time an episode airs, there have probably been another dozen or so already written and/or being animated. So it's not like we can say: oh, the fans love this element or character, let's put him/it in the next episode. That's probably one of the toughest things about writing for TV animation versus live action. Whereas in live action they can do an episode or two, gauge audience reaction and then make adjustments, in TV animation you have to commit to your ideas, because you won't know for months how the animated end result will turn out. And by then you've got another 10 or 20 episodes already in work.

Well, that's it for Round 2, He-Fans. I gotta go crank the old coffee machine back up and work on some scripts!

I'll have round 3 answers for you in the coming week or so!