July 17, 2013

Angry He-Man

Season 1 episode "Lessons" is a terrific episode. In a story about Orko feeling bad for himself we are introduced to the Faceless One, He-Man battles Skeletor on the Drawbridge of Grayskull and many more aspects that make the episode memorable.

When Skeletor is threatening Orko at the Gates of Grayskull, He-Man grabs his arm and is very angry because as he says: "I don't like people threatening my friends!".

In that scene we get an extreme close-up of He-Man's face. Below you can see some of the differences in the view when comparing the tv-version [left] to the one found on DVD [right].

In the Cartoon Network-version on left, we have the aspect ratio of 4:3 with a bit of He-Man's teeth showing. After the original airing of the episode, before the show was imported to Europe, Mike Young Productions made alterations to the footage.
In this scene we see He-Man's face with more shadows around the eyes and nose (though lines missing around the nose). This DVD-version in widescreen gives us more view on the sides of He-Man's face. But at the same time omits the top and bottom portions, so we don't see He-Man's teeth anymore.

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