July 15, 2013

Comic Cover Homage #2

In previous comic-cover homage blog-post we had He-Man against Skeletor. This time around I thought to take a look at MVCreations' comic cover for "Masters of the Universe" comic Volume 3 - Issue #5.

While the studio previously stopped doing variants during Volume 2-run, they returned to them with Volume 3. Some were He-Man.org Exclusive-covers.

For this exclusive variant cover we have He-Man battling a giant Snake with Kobra Khan in the background gleeful. The cover is drawn by Tim Seeley with colours by Jeremy Roberts. Seeley captures wonderfully the energy of He-Man in a struggle without any weapons against the Snake.

Above is the cover-art without any text and logos.

The cover is an homage to the '85 Golden Super Adventure Book for Masters of the Universe entiteld "Meteor Monsters". Comparing the original cover art, Seeley captured the location well with swamp and trees. As well as Roberts on the colours making it very vivid looking image.

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