January 8, 2013

First Pin-Ups of Heroes and Villains - He-Man

As the news broke in 2002 that a comic for Masters of the Universe was being done by MVCreations with Val Staples writing and Emiliano Santalucia handling the art, it was an exciting time to see how the characters would look in comic-style.

There were four pin-ups shown in various interviews and here I present to you He-Man.

Personally I loved the fact that He-Man was sporting an "H"-symbol that was more reminiscent of the cartoon-version and the the highly stylized logo seen in the actual toy.

Also the stern yet heroic look on He-Man's face was something I liked with Emiliano's execution. He had done a lot of work to get the face right with many early pitched artworks.

The toy-inspired elements from Four Horsemen sculpt are present in the artwork, but Emiliano has given He-Man more standard "hero" physique that was lacking in the stylized figure-version. Some of the hatching-lines are still evident from the way Emiliano used to give shadows and definition to his characters, but as per Val's request; there is more room for the colouring to do the work for him.

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