August 16, 2012

Happy 10 Year Anniversary MYP He-Man - Tri-Klops' Gammavision?

Happy 10-Year Anniversary to MYP He-Man Cartoon! The Pilot-movie "The Beginning" debuted at Cartoon Network onAugust 16th, 4PM.

In honor of that, I'm making multiple posts for this day!

Here's an image from UK issue #8 of the Masters of the Universe comic published by Toontastic.

The comic had full-pages dedicated to "GOOD VS. EVIL!" showcasing one character from the two sides. Tri-Klops' information talks about his "three optical sensors that project Gammavision, blasts of fiery energy that can stop an opponent dead in is tracks".

I can't help but wonder if the text deliberately means to say that all of his "fiery blasts" are called Gammavision. Because back in 80s Gammavision either was described as only one of his eyes that could look around the corners or see through objects (depending on source-material).

Personally I always liked that in the 80s media Tri-Klops three eyes were different shapes and had different functions. In Mike Young Productions cartoon, all he did was shoot energy-blasts, but that is a blog-post for another time...

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  1. I prefer the 80's Tri-Klops where each eye had a different ability too!