August 16, 2012

Happy 10 Year Anniversary MYP He-Man - Grayskull or Greyskull

Happy 10-Year Anniversary to MYP He-Man Cartoon! The Pilot-movie "The Beginning" debuted at Cartoon Network onAugust 16th, 4PM.

In honor of that, I'm making multiple posts for this day!

Here's  a small piece of trivia. The name Castle Grayskull has been written with a in Grayskull ever since the original toy-boxes and copyright-marks.

British spell it as Grey so sometimes we see Greyskull-spelling. Though here's one instance where I was suprised to find it.

In Mill Creek's released DVD-set, they spelled the name of the Season 2 episode "The Power of Grayskull" with an e for some reason on their disc-art.

While they got it correct in the actual menu-list.

Not sure how this error came to be, but so far it is the only place where I found it spelled this way. Earlier BCI DVD sets had the correct spelling for the episode-title.

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