March 3, 2015

2003 NBA All Star Commercial

In 2003, Cartoon Network aired short clips titled NBA All-Star Slam, that paired NBA players chatting with cartoon characters.

For many, the cartoon characters appear to be their childhood favorites, such as Bugs Bunny, Flintstones, etc.

Elton Brand & Space Ghost
Shaquille O'Neal & Godzilla
And among these, was also something for Masters of the Universe fans, when Michael Redd (Milwaukee Bucks) had a spot with He-Man himself.

Though it wasn't the original Filmation Studios' He-Man that joined Mr. Redd, but instead then-current MYP series with Cam Clarke voicing He-Man.

The clip was aired before next episode of He-Man would air, which was "Dragon's Brood".

Sadly I haven't seen the commercial in full, only heard an audio-clip of it thanks to Jon "TheShadow" Kallis from during 2003. 

Personally I can remember and other fans like Joe Amato parts from what was being said, namely He-Man's hilarious comments.

[paraphrasing from memory] 

Michael Redd: "So He-Man, can I borrow your Sword?" 
He-Man: "No, I'm afraid not... THE POWER IS MINE! ...Not yours. Sorry."
He-Man: "That Skeletor is a big jerk. You hear that Skeletor? I'm WATCHING YOU!!!"

If anyone remembers more of this or has a clip, please send me an e-mail or comment about it!

Hopefully either the audio-clip or full video of this short can be dug up. As I'd like to see it and share with everyone!


Below is a full list of all NBA players and the cartoon characters they had their spot with.

  • Elton Brand (L.A. Clippers) - Space Ghost
  • Baron Davis (New Orleans Hornets) - Droopy Dog
  • Allan Houston (New York Knicks) - The Jetsons
  • Jason Kidd (New Jersey Nets) - Wonder Twins
  • Michael Redd (Milwaukee Bucks) - He-Man
  • Theo Ratliff (Atlanta Hawks) - Hong Kong Phooey
  • Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns) - Thundercats 
  • Shaquille O'Neal (L.A. Lakers) - Godzilla
  • Latrell Sprewell (New York Knicks) - The Flintstones
  • Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) - Yosemite Sam 
  • Jamal Mashburn (New Orleans Hornets) - The Powerpuff Girls 
  • Jason Terry (Atlanta Hawks) - Scooby-Doo
  • Stephon Marbury (Phoenix Suns) - Bugs Bunny

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