March 27, 2014

What is the Name of Count Marzo's Amulet?

Count Marzo used an Amulet in the cartoon. But what is the amulet called?

When Count Marzo made his first appearance in season 1 episode "Mekaneck's Lament", it was a thrilling moment. Before that he had only been featured in 3 episodes of the Filmation series. No toy-figure, comic appearances...

He was depicted with a russian type accent and a fierce look. In the episode, Count Marzo first appears before us in the form of an small old man. He tricks Mekaneck into retrieving his Amulet which then transforms Marzo back to himself.

The Amulet that Count Marzo uses, is very powerful. But he never says out loud what the name of the Amulet is.

Checking the script in DVD Special Features, there was no mention of the name there either. Nothing in the Bio for Marzo in character-gallery. And no mention in the Trivias that came with the DVD booklet.

Recently I was able to get a hold of the original first draft of the script by Lara Runnels and Erik Runnels, and lo and behold the Amulet had a name!

Check out the piece of script below.

Count Marzo's Amulet is called BASOPHIL AMULET.

For some reason this name didn't make it to the final version of the script or to actual episode. Which is a shame. Because I personally always love knowing if an artifact has some name to it and what it means.

As for the meaning on the name of the Basophil Amulet, that will be another blog-post for another day...

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