October 10, 2013

MYP, 200x, MVC, wha??

Sometimes fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe wonder about certain acronyms that are thrown around casually on facebook, forums, twitter and elsewhere.

Most requested are "What does MYP mean" and "What is 200x".

While this blog is dedicated to the 2002 version of He-Man cartoon and comic, I'll list top acronyms I've come accross in fandom.

MOTU (M.o.t.U) = Masters of the Universe

Refers to the original toyline from 1982-1988 by Mattel. Cartoon by Filmation was called "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".

POP (P.o.P) = Princess of Power

Refers to the original toyline from 1985-1987 by Mattel. Cartoon by Filmation was called "She-Ra Princess of Power"

NA (N.A) = New Adventures

Refers to the relaunched toyline from 1989-1992 by Mattel. Cartoon by Jetlag was called "The New Adventures of He-Man"

POG (P.o.G) = Powers of Grayskull

Refers to the planned toyline "The Powers of Grayskull" by Mattel in 1987/1988. It was going to be an extension to the Masters of the Universe. Centered around He-Man's ancestor He-Ro in Preternia. Some toys were released before the demise of original line caused hault on the spin-off.

SOH (S.o.H) = Son of He-Man

Refers mainly to the 1996 pitch "He-Ro Son of He-Man" from Lou Scheimer Productions. The character He-Ro's alter ego is Dare and has no connection to the character Mattel previously created.

So those are mainly the vintage acronyms used about He-Man and She-Ra. Then we come to the 2002 relaunch...

MYP (M.Y.P) = Mike Young Productions

Refers to the 2002-2004 animated series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" by studio Mike Young Productions.

200x = 2002/2003

Refers to a fan-created term. 200x ('two-thousand-x') encompasses usually the 2001-2007 time-frame; from toyline to cartoon and comics, staction*-line, etc during that time. First toys came in 2001, cartoon started in 2002 in USA while Europe got it in 2003. After toyline and cartoon ended, NECA released staction-line in 2005-2007.

Another term is '2002 He-Man'. Fans at the time were trying to coin a phrase to describe the relaunch/reboot version of MOTU. Terms like 'Millenium line' were suggested. Eventually 200x as a term became more and more used.

(*STACTION = Static Action refers to statues from NECA)

MVC (M.V.C) = MVCreations

Refers to the 2002-2004 comic series "Masters of the Universe" by MVCreations. MV stands for words 'Malicious Venture' which later was dropped for the shorter MV.

IOE (I.O.E) = Icons of Evil

Refers to the 4-issue comic mini-series from MVCreations. Each issue highlighting an Evil Warrior and about their origin. The Issues were
- Beast Man
- Mer-Man
- Trap-Jaw
- Tri-Klops

And for good measure the latest incarnation of toys from Mattel is referred as

MOTUC (M.o.t.U.C) = Masters of the Universe Classics

Refers to 2008-current toyline for Adult Collectors "Masters of the Universe Classics" by Mattel.

Hopefully you found this information helpful.
If you feel I missed any, let me know!

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