August 13, 2013

Never-Before-Seen information about "Of Machines and Men"

In the BCI released DVDs of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series from Mike Young Productions, there were always a booklet in the digi-pack, that contained pieces of trivia-information about each episode.

The information could come from the creators at behind-the-scenes or keen observation of the series.

However one episode from second season was completely without the trivia-information.

Below is an example-scan of BCI's Volume 1 booklet that shows the trivia-information for episodes.

This information was collected by James Eatock. A long-time He-Fan who has worked on the UK-released DVDs for He-Man as well as the US-based. And just like he wrote all the trivia in the Filmation He-Man releases, so too he did so with MYP He-Man.

With Filmation He-Man though, James had collected quite a lot of trivia-pieces for each episodes. But in the actual DVDs themselves, only few were used. So there were some pieces of information that were left on the cutting-room floor (Same was with She-Ra DVD trivia, that was compiled by Alex Hawkey).

So when it came time to work on the MYP He-Man DVDs, James only wrote 2-4 lines for each episode, knowing that previously some had been dropped off.

With Volume 3 of the DVD-collection, there is a layout-error.

For episode 33 "Of Machines and Men" from the second season, there is no trivia-information. It appears that from all the printed booklets, the trivia-information for this one episode is completely missing.

Below is the trivia that is missing:
* This episode showcases He-Man and Skeletor in their Battle Armor costumes, based on the toys of the same name
* This is Michael Halperin's only written episode of He-Man, surprising given his influence over the original and new series

So for all those who might have noticed this omitted piece of information, wonder no more!

A special thanks to James Eatock for sharing this information exclusively with us!
Be sure to check out James' self-published Cereal:Geek-magazine at this link as well as his The Unofficial Cartoon Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

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