April 4, 2013

He-Man holding Graham Crackers logo...

When it comes to comicbooks, there are often variant-covers and even retailer-exclusives. With Masters of the Universe comic-series by MVCreations, they produced couple retailer incentives for Graham Crackers comicbook-store.

But besides the cover-arts, the penciller for the comic-series Emiliano Santalucia also provided some exclusive artwork for the store, largely due to Jimmy PS Hayes who is a big fan of MOTU and worked at the store at the time.

Below you can see a candid photo of He-Man holding above his head the Graham Crackers comicbook-store's logo.

What I personally like about the image is that it is still relatively early He-Man illustration from Emiliano Santalucia, before he honed his skills even further with depicting the character. It even seems like He-Man has a sheath for the Powersword, which was used in the Volume 1 mini-series of Masters of the Universe.

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